The new GEMTECH GM-9 is a culmination of over two decades of center fire pistol suppressors. Many of you are familiar with both our Tundra and Multimount suppressor, the GM-9 takes the best of both of them and puts it into one great package. The tube diameter is the standard 1.25" and it accepts all Multimount adapters. This suppressor is rated for sub sonic 300 Blackout as well as full auto 9mm.

Additional pistons are available from your dealer or from this website.

Note for use with 300BLK: Requires 7.5" or longer barrel, subsonic ONLY.
Caliber 9MM
Sound Reduction 30dB
Diameter 1.25"
Length 6.9"
Weight In Units 6oz
Mount All GM-9 suppressors are shipped with a 1/2-28 standard piston.
Material Aluminum
Full Auto Rated Yes
Finish Black Cerakote with Reduced Visual-IR Signature
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